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London - Hotels & More
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London - Hotels & More
Christine Samuelian
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Such a big, hectic, and crazy city as London isn't easy to navigate unaided, which is why anyone planning a trip there should grab this invaluable guide. A wide selection of hotels, from classic to designer, gives a perfect variety to choose from, whether it's the Dorchester in Mayfair, the Soho Hotel, a Notting Hill's Lennox hotel or Eleven Cadogan Gardens in Chelsea. Antique hunters and style mavens alike will find their personal happiness in our list of must-see boutiques, restaurants, bars, and cafes; Angelika Taschen tells you where to procure a classic English tailor-made suit and where to enjoy tea and scones while you're wearing it. From Dickensian charm to modern cool, London has it all - and this guide will help you find it. TASCHEN's "Hotel series" books are much more than simple hotel guides. They are meant to be taken along on your trip, as they not only feature the best and most interesting places to stay - from low budget to luxury - but also list hot spots for each hotel's neighborhood. Once you're installed in the hotel of your choice, you can peruse our suggestions for restaurants, bars, boutiques, specialty shops, and more, with the knowledge that these spots have been hand-selected by travel and style expert Angelika Taschen for a well-rounded and pleasing experience of the city you're visiting. As an added service to our readers, a dedicated website for our travel books has been set up to allow you to browse all of our hotel selections online or make your booking directly. Special features of the book include: a plastic jacket with silk screen; 2 big photo postcards; a space for your personal travel notes; and, a hand-illustrated map for each area.

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