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Herbarium Amoris - Floral Romance
Kiadás éve:
320 oldal
23.6 x 31 cm
Herbarium Amoris - Floral Romance
Henning Mankell - Edvard Koinberg
Bolti és Online ár:
9 000 Ft
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Since 1999, I have collected pictures of plants. It has become a kind of photographic herbarium. The inspiration comes from Carl Linnaeus's writings about the reproduction of plants and I have tried to approach the subject with the same curiosity and eagerness as he clearly had. Linnaeus was free and poetic in both his speech and his text. He compared the sexuality of plants and humans as a pedagogic tool and he certainly was not shy. My aim has been to make pictures as Linnaeus himself would have done if he had access to our time's photographic techniques and to give Linnaeus insights into plant's sexuality a present-day shape.

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