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Gardens of Delight
Kiadás éve:
250 oldal
29 x 24 cm
Gardens of Delight
L'Anverre - A.C. Ducreux - Lise Coirier
Bolti és Online ár:
7 490 Ft
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The Belgian artists' collective L'Anverre was founded somewhere around 1987 by Sem Schanzer, Marc Melis, Myriam Garouche and Armin Homolka. 'New kid in town' Kris Henkens completes this hybrid body that produces success in domains as varied as sculpture, painting, installation, performance and design. Their series of products in glass and ceramics are known throughout the world and their sculptural installations embellish the private home of collectors, public buildings and museums. L'Anverre participated in several international scholarships and projects, and won numerous awards.
This trilingual manifesto and art book is published on the occasion of the 20 years anniversary of the collective. Opening Spring 2007 in Antwerp, travelling to Brussels/Wallonia and Asia. Artistic creations conceived from the elements of light (luminary), earth (glass and ceramics), water (water bar) and nature (floral installations) are assembled to create an atmosphere of relaxation. The elements of nature.

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