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Web Design: Interactive and Games
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Web Design: Interactive and Games
Julius Wiedemann
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This book describes the web's best interactive sites.With its origins tied to the invention of the hyperlink, the web is defined by interaction. In the internet's early days, interaction consisted on clicking links to be taken to different pages. Today, with broadband, flash, video, sound, and online games, this concept has been taken to another level. From news sites and blogs to commercial and public awareness sites, interactivity is the key to the internet experience. This book showcases about 100 examples of work from the world's best digital agencies - such as Greenpeace, Volkswagen, and Nike - demonstrating the most innovative uses of interactivity on the web today.More bang for your buck! '...a fast-food, high-energy fix on the topic at hand' - "The New York Times Book Review".

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