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The Gates - Christo and Jeanne-Claude
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The Gates - Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Wolfgang Volz - Anne L. Strauss
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7500 gates for Central Park In February 2005, Christo and Jeanne-Claude will complete a monumental work of art in New York City's Central Park. The project, first conceived in 1979, will feature 7500 16-foot-high vinyl gates lining the park's paths, from which will hang saffron-colored fabric panels. Seen from the buildings surrounding the park, The Gates will look like a golden, flowing river, while those walking through them will experience the ambience of a fluid, golden ceiling. Financed entirely by the artists through their C.V.J. Corporation, The Gates are to be fabricated and assembled in local factories and installed by local workers, thus providing employment for thousands of New York City residents. The temporary work of art will remain in place for 16 days, after which it will be disassembled and the materials recycled. The installation will be free for all visitors, who can continue to use Central Park undisturbed during the whole process. This historic event is intended to provide a memorable and joyous experience for every New Yorker, and TASCHEN will document this project from start to finish in two editions. A first edition will be published in January 2005, containing photo documents and preparatory drawings for The Gates. In February 2005, directly after the installation has been realized, a second edition will be published, containing 32 extra pages showing photographs of the completed work of art.

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