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Salgado Genesis Postcard Set
Kiadás éve:
21.9 x 10.1 cm
Salgado Genesis Postcard Set
Bolti és Online ár:
6 000 Ft
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25 postcards from the phenomenal Genesis collection For Sebastiao Salgado, Genesis is a love letter to the planet. TASCHEN s postcard set allows you to send on that wonder with 25 individual images from the complete Genesis portfolio, now the world s most-visited photography show of all time.The boxed set spans the breadth of Salgado s project across five focal territories: Planet South, Sanctuaries, Africa, Northern Spaces, and Amazonia and Pantanal. In exquisite black and white textures, each image celebrates the pristine splendor of nature, animals, and indigenous peoples that have, so far, escaped the imprint of modern society, from a Nomadic Nenet girl in Siberia to sunlit Buffalo herds in Botswana s Okavango Delta. Genesis is a quest for the world as it was, as it was formed, as it evolved, as it existed for millennia before modern life accelerated and began distancing us from the very essence of our being Lelia Wanick Salgado.

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