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Documenta Kassel 16/06-23/09
Kiadás éve:
415 oldal
Documenta Kassel 16/06-23/09
Roger M. Buergel
Bolti és Online ár:
11 495 Ft
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Documenta is regarded as the most important exhibition of contemporary art, drawing attention from all over the world. This international exhibition, often called the Hundred Day Museum became an unparalleled success. The number of visitors has continually risen. More than 650 thousand visitors came to documenta 11. Under continually changing directorship, and in the equally leisurely and inexorable rhythm of five years, documenta has advanced to become an authoritative worldwide seismograph of contemporary art. At documenta, it becomes manifest whether art is succeeding in grasping the world in images and whether these images have validity for its public. Small, practical and elegant, the catalogue provides all the essential information: brief texts on the artists, biographical details, illustrations, a list of artworks and an introductory text by R.M. Buergel. Not only will it be handy as you walk through the exhibition, but afterward it will grace your bookshelf as a record of documenta 12 and a souvenir of your experience.

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