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Markus Benesch
Caroline Klein:
Markus Benesch
internetes ár: 5 395 Ft
Bolti ár: 5 995 Ft
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Kiadás éve:
176 oldal
At a time when industrialized laminates for printing still did not exist, Markus Benesch started to ingeniously experiment with color printing and design. Spectacular multi-discipline projects and his own language regarding materials and shapes, made this wizard of color become famous very fast. According to his motto "The world needs greater optimism and courage when creating" he does not hesitate to use strong color and wild designs. The refined fantasies of wallpapers, floors and laminates turn upside down spaces and perspectives and open new visual dimensions. Treating space and objects as the protagonists, the installations of Markus Benesch can be placed between art, design and fashion.

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